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Hello Friends, Welcome to www.Sarkarijang.com website.

  • I inform about government and private job information from www.sarkarijang.com website so that all of you students can use it at the right time. I am also a student and I have done B.Tech from Civil Engineering. I am neither a writer nor a journalist, but first started the website to reach all of you brothers with correct information and their problems. The hardest thing to do is to write about yourself. It is not that I write very well and everything is fine, but my effort is that the right information reaches all of you friends.
  • I live in the village. It is that part of our country society on which the whole country is known. Rural people do not get information about job recruitment at the right time and I want to make everyone aware of this problem so that everyone can get information about government jobs on time.
  • But due to many reasons like not having the right information, not having all kinds of facilities etc., the villagers do not get all the benefits and information which an urban person gets easily. For this purpose, this www.sarkarichintan.com website has been started so that all the information, which is necessary for them, can easily reach the villagers and students.

My Story

  • I am from a small village in Madhya Pradesh. I have completed my primary education from my village itself. After passing high school examination, I completed my college with full course (b.tech) from 2014 with part time job. But I was not happy with the results.
  • After doing part time and college together, I started working on an educational website so that I can help all the students at the right time.
  • People should be helped through this website of mine. So I created a website www. Started with the name of sarkarichintan.com.
  • Internet is a useful medium to help villagers students to connect with each other and share information with each other and I have little knowledge about it. Only very accurate information is available on the internet. The purpose of this website will be to solve the problems of rural students. There are some problems that we are not even aware of, we send them to YouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Website / Website. From where the knowledgeable and experienced people associated with us solve it. By which we solve each other’s problems among ourselves.

How to join www.sarkarijang.com.

  • If you want to ask anything related to any of our post or give additional information, then you can ask by writing in the comment box at the end of the same post. We will contact you immediately.